About Togo Archives

Togo Archives is devoted specifically to the reconstruction of Togolese history through the digitization of photographs, postcards, and videos that have shaped and continue to shape our cultural identity.

Started in 2017, Togo Archives was initially created as a private repository for family members to learn about Togolese history, explore what it means to be Togolese, and understand the cultural, economical, and political nuances of the Togolese identity. 

In 2019, The Archives became a public initiative to provide an opportunity for Togolese people at home or in the diaspora, people of African descent, and those interested in Togolese culture to explore the country’s history and their origins. 

We research, document, and reconstruct old photographs, postcards, short stories using primary and secondary sources to make them accessible for the public. 

To contact us, please email [email protected] 


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