A timeline of Togolese rulers

This graph references the list of chiefs and rulers in Togo. It contains kings/rulers who have a start and an end date. It does not contain current chieftaincies, those with partial information. E.g.(18..) or those lacking beginning and end dates. Co-ruling chiefs will overlap and one may be hidden. This timeline was built by Kum Sackey.

1700175018001850190019502000Togoville, MlapaPorto Seguro (Agbodrafo)KumdeKpessiKoma (Kuma)LolanCokossi (Tchokossi)(Anufu, Anoufou)KpangalamKotokoliKabu (Kabou)Genyigba (Gliji)BeBassarTegbe (Notse)AnehoTchamba (Chamba)BafiloAgbanankin (Hulagbêkon)
1y50y100yallPlaceBremen MissionariesGerman Rule BeginsFrench Rule BeginsIndependence