Rulers of Togo

An exhaustive list of recorded kings/rulers of Togo spanning from the 1500s to the 2000s. You can use filters to sort by ruling year or location. An interactive timeline of this data can be found here. The initial title of this article has been changed from “Chiefs and Rulers of Togo” to “Rulers of Togo” since this list contains kings with dedicated titles, not chiefs. Currently, the list is male-centric, but further research is needed to include women rulers.

Chiefs and Rulers of Togo

wdt_IDLocationStartEndBornDiedNameAlt NameYears RuledAge When Reign StartedAge At DeathCo RulerRegencyEstimated DatesNotes
1Agbanankin (Hulagbêkon)15401590Ahoussan IAhusan50
2Agbanankin (Hulagbêkon)15901630Jondo40TRUE
3Agbanankin (Hulagbêkon)16101650Adandjo40
4Agbanankin (Hulagbêkon)16501700Loko Nenkounmonhoue50TRUE
5Agbanankin (Hulagbêkon)17001735MedjetoMejeto35
6Agbanankin (Hulagbêkon)17351775Gbede40TRUE
7Agbanankin (Hulagbêkon)17751800Hon25
8Agbanankin (Hulagbêkon)18001820Tossou Agbonin20TRUE
9Agbanankin (Hulagbêkon)18201822Houndo2
10Agbanankin (Hulagbêkon)18221835Loko Foligbo13TRUE


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