Togolese History Timeline

A chronology of key events in Togolese history:


1737 – Bremen missionaries arrive on the coast. 

1874 – The British attack and defeat the Anlo Ewes as part of their campaign against the Asante in 1874.

1884, July 2 –  Natchingal anchored at Little Popo 

SMS Sophie sometime between 1882 and 1897

1884, Jan 31 – German gunship Sophie Seizes William Lawson, Gomez, and Wilson.


1884, June 23  – Provisional Agreement with Togo Chiefs. Abdodga Tabeh Alahgro and Ashigbeno Gahjokor and Tsatsha, Fetish chiefs and priests of Togo signed Agreement with Reginald Edward Firminger that they would cede the territory of Beh, extending from the frontier of Porto Seguro on the east to the British flagstaff on the West if they are unable to expel German merchants from the territory.

1914 – British and french forces seize Togoland. 

Independence Era 

1960 – Independence.

1961 – Olympio is elected as first president. 

Olympio Era 

1963,  January 13 – Olympio is assassinated and replaced by Nicholas Grunitzky

Gnassingbe Era

1967 – Gnassingbe Eyadema seizes power and dissolves political parties. 

1974 – The phosphate industry was nationalized in 1974 and production was carried on by theTogolese Office of Phosphates. 

1986 – Eyadema re-elected.

1993 – Eyadema dissolves government, sparking protests and fatal clashes with police. Thousands flee to neighbouring states.

2005 – President Eyadema dies, aged 69.