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The Togolese National Anthem over the years

Terre de nos aïeux

Terre de nos aïeux” (English: “Land of our forefathers”) is the national anthem of Togo. It was composed by Alex Casimir-Dosseh and it was the national anthem … Read more “The Togolese National Anthem over the years”


The Togolese Currency over the Years

The Goldmark (1884-1914)

The Goldmark was used from 1884 to 1914 in German Togoland.

20 Goldmark, 1914

French West African franc (1903-1945)

The French franc circulated, together with distinct banknotes … Read more “The Togolese Currency over the Years”


The history of the Togolese Flag over the Years

The Togolese flag as we know it today has gone through a few changes over the years.

German Togoland

The Proposed Flag of German Togoland
The Flag of German Togoland
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Togolese Postal Stamps

Togolese Postal stamps from 1924-1947

1947 Postal Stamps
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