Chefs Fétichistes, Edition A. Acolatse

40. – TOGO. – Chefs fétichistes ». Edition A. Acolatse.

Those often called “Chefs Féticheurs” (high priest of a Fetish) carry the title Hounnon1, Houngan, Houngbonon, or Hounnongan depending on their roles and position within the priesthood hierarchy. Hounnons have historically practiced medicine. ⁠
[Excerpt] “Known as Tron among the Ewe of Togo and Ghana, African divinities were erroneously called fetishes by the European invaders. As a result, the Vodun religion was cynically referred to as fetishism, and the Vodunsi, the adept or initiated follower of the Vodun religion, was called fetishist by Westerners. Today, ironically, African experts and scholars of the Vodun religion use the term Fetish to refer to African divinities or gods.” 2 


  1. Houn = blood
  2. Thomas Houessou-Adin. Encyclopedia of African religion, Vol 1.